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Mary (Alexander) Brundage

Birth:    Nov. 6, 1800

Death:  Nov. 13, 1839
            McDonough County, Illinois

She was the first wife of Soloman Brundage. She married him in Kentucky on March 23, 1817. Mary Brundage died at age 39 years, 7 days after giving birth to a healthy, surviving son (Joseph). She was predeceased by an infant son, George, who was buried in this cemetery in 1838. Her other children were: John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Daniel, Margaret, Nancy, James, and Joseph.

Her husband remarried in 1840, to Catherine Smedley with whom he had four more children. He died in Memphis, Missouri in 1873.  His obituary is as follows and is included here, because he has a wife and two children laid to rest in this cemetery:
Memphis Reveille
Vol. 10 Memphis, MO
Thursday, Feb. 25, 1875
#16, Page 3

Solomon Brundage - Departed this life February 13th, 1875 - age 77 years and 7 days. Father Brundage was born near Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky, Feb. 6, 1798. In the year 1814 and when he was but 16 year old, he served as a private soldier at Buchadad Fort in the state of Indiana, until discharged in consequence of being wounded. After this he married in his native state. In 1826 he removed with his family
to Sagamore County, Illinois. In 1831 he joined the command of Capt. Dawson of this county and fought in the Black Hawk War; served one term; enlisted again and saw many hardships in this campaign, besides being wounded.

When peace was proclaimed he was honorably discharged and returned to his family and farm. In 1836 he removed with his family to McDonough County, Illinois. In 1856 he became a citizen of Scotland County,
Missouri. He was twice married and was the parent of 14 children. He leaves a family consisting of a wife, one widowed daughter, one son and one granddaughter to mourn their irreparable death.

He had a remarkable dream; it was related to your correspondent by the family of deceased that three years ago he had a dream or vision anda voice said, "Are you ready to die?" Answer, "Yes?" voice. Three years shall lapse and you must die. Those words came true with the exception of three days. Father Brundage died as he had lived, without an enemy in the world, and in full faith that his sufferings were forever at an end.

The funeral ceremonies were conducted by Rev. Bartlett Anderson, and although the day was extremely cold and disagreeable, yet his remains were followed to their last resting place by relatives and a large concourse of friends; realizing as they stood there in the cheerless, pitiless and freezing storm of wind that they were consigning to another earth one whose hand had ever been ready to feed the hungry; help the fatherless and the widows and extend charity to all mankind.  Scotland County Missouri Feb. 1875 M.T.H.


Burial of Mary (Alexander) Brundage is documented by: Duane Lester's, Rural Cemeteries of McDonough County, Illinois, Volume II, Bethel-Industry.

Biographical information comes from census records, vital statistics, historical newspapers and marriage records from and the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index.

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