Thursday, June 3, 2010

Videos of the Pioneer Cemetery, May 2010

I made these poor quality videos.  What makes the quality worse is that the only way I could put them online was to make videos with my digital camera from the image on my computer screen.  Still, it's all I have to demonstrate the sad state of affairs that existed on May 28, 2010.  Cows have damaged the fence and made themselves at home in the cemetery.  Much damage has occurred to the already fragile stones.  As you can see by looking at the grave photos take in March 2008, most of the stones were already laying flat and brittle with age.  Now the cows have walked across them, smashing some to bits.  Other stones that were in good repair in 2008 have fallen victim to the strength of the cows as they have grazed in the cemetery and bumped the stones.


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