Friday, June 4, 2010

Eli Wilson

Birth:    Sep. 27, 1824
             Mechanicsburg (Champaign County), Ohio

Died:    1867
             McDonough County, Illinois

Eli Wilson was a son of John Wilson and Jane McCompsey. He was born in Mechanicsburg, Champaign County, Ohio in 1824. On Sep 25, 1851 he married Sophia E. Beck in McDonough County, Illinois. She was born in Greencastle, Indiana in 1830, a daughter of James and Elizabeth Beck (both born in North Carolina). Sophia died in 1917 in Kirkman, Iowa where she is buried in Rosehill/Kirkman cemetery.

Eli Wilson shares his tombstone with two of his children: Edward B., 1852-1854 and Elizabeth, 1853-1865.

Other known children born to Eli and Sophia Wilson:  Jacob born 1849-1934 in McDonough Co.; Jane, born 1854, per the 1860 census; Oliver Browning "Brum" Wilson 1855-1942 (died in Shelby Co., Iowa); Mary Bell born 1857; Anna Catherine 1859-1916 (married to Elijah Flack—and is buried in Industry, IL); Melissa born 1860; Alice born 1864; and Eli born 1867.

Eli Wilson's parents and a sister, Mary Ann (Wilson) Gibson, are also buried in this cemetery. His aunt, Mary "Polly" (McCompsey) McClure, and cousin Sarah Jane (McClure) Venard are likewise interred here.

Biographical information comes from census records, vital statistics, and marriage records from and the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index and from Duane Lester's, "Rural Cemeteries of McDonough County, Illinois, Volume II, Bethel-Industry."

Check out the video clip taken on Memorial Day weekend in May 2010 to see the current condition of this stone.  It's the fourth clip in this blog post, the one with the green border. The stone is now toppled from its base because of damage by cows inhabiting the cemetery.

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Anonymous said...

Eli's granddaughter told be he was killed by renegades when he was dragged by horseback up and down a frozen river.

R. J. O'Hara said...

I was there when grandma Nina and her sister Lena were talking about their family history. They told the story about Eli being killed on the frozen river but they said that Sophia was pregnant with Eli Jr. when Eli Sr. was murdered.
Granma Nina said we had some America Indian blood in us but it was filled out by now. She had a good sense of humor.