Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Girl Whitson

Birth:   1850
             Schuyler County, Illinois

Died:     December 1850
             Probably either McDonough or Schuyler County, Illinois

The stone was originally inscribed, “Infant of B.F. and D [sic], age 5 m, 14d”, according to Duane Lester's, Rural Cemeteries of McDonough County, Illinois, Volume II, Bethel-Industry. The tombstone could not be located in November 2007 or March 2008.

The "D" (referenced above) must be a typographical error in the Lester publication or was misread at transcriptoin for the letter "H."  This baby girl is the daughter of Benjamin F. and Hannah (Wilson) Whitson. Hannah Whitson is also interred in this cemetery. This baby was three months old when census takers visited the family home in 1850; her older brother Burt was age one.  There are no other known children born to this couple.

Biographical information comes from careful perusal of census records, county history abstracts, records of vital statistics, and marriage records from and the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index.

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