Friday, June 4, 2010

About this blog and the Pioneer Cemetery

The photos above were taken in November 2007. At that time the cemetery was in poor condition, but still much better than it is today.


There are more than 50 individuals interred in the Pioneer Cemetery in McDonough County, Illinois.  Click on a name in the list at right to read biographical data for a person known to be buried here.  Also see the list of "Labels" at lower right to search for surnames of interest that appear in the biographies. 

Only interested in browsing the biographies that include grave photos?  No problem, click here to view the stones of 31 individuals buried here.

In the future, grave and individual photos will be added and biographies updated.  Please feel free to submit comments or queries and be sure to click here to read about how this historic cemetery has fallen into serious neglect and disrepair.

Are You Connected to these Pioneers?

Please feel free to leave your comments on any of the posts here.  Additional photographs and information about your ancestors are also very welcome.

We need interested individuals to help advocate for the rehabilitation of this historic cemetery. 

This is a very weathered stone. This stone has some barely perceptibl inscription that was so worn, it could not be lifted with an aluminum foil method overlay in March 2008.

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